Ender 3/V2 Dual Z Kit by ideagen3D

by ideagen3D

Kit Contents
Installation Instructions

Upgrade your printer to a stable, dual z setup Eliminate X gantry sagging!

Compatible with all Ender 3 variants (original, pro, and V2, etc..).

Compatible with both stock mainboard (driver - 2 motors) and aftermarket mainboards (2 drivers - 2 motors), or anything in between.

  • 4x M4 screws with T-Nuts for bearing blocks
  • 2x All-Metal Z Bearing Blocks for Z Rods with Bearings Pre-Installed
  • 2x M4 Screws with T-Nuts for Belt Pulley Bracket
  • 3x M5 Spacers for Gantry Bracket
  • 3x M5 Screws for Gantry Bracket Wheels
  • 1x ACM Tensioner Bracket with Idler Preinstalled
  • 1x Z Rod/Leadscrew All-Metal Dual Z bracket with brass nut and
  • 2x M3 Screws Nema17 Motor (w/ mounting bracket) Y-split cable extension to reach your mainboard

Zachary 3D Printing has put out an excellent video on installing similar kits!

For original Ender 3/Pro printers, you will also need an alternative PSU mount, here are 2 examples:

In some cases, one of your motors may run backwards. Don't worry! This expected due to the vast amount of silent revision Creality has released onto the market. Simply swap the positions of pins 1 and 3 on the side going the wrong way: